What is E Liquid?

Do you smoke electronic cigarettes? If so, the liquid that you put inside of the machine is known as e liquid. This solution provides flavor and nicotine which many e-cig users crave. It is also responsible for the creation of the vapor that you exhale after puffing the e-cigarette.

Types of E Liquid

Many eliquids are available to suit the needs of all e-cig users. Flavors range from traditional tobacco and menthol flavors to those with exotic tastes; fruity tastes; desserts; and many others.  Many people that use e-cigs enjoy experimenting with the different flavors of e liquids and you might enjoy this as well.

How much Nicotine is Inside?

Eliquids contain small amounts of nicotine. But, you can also purchase those without any nicotine in them at all. Nicotine levels start at a level of about 8 mg and go up from there, with some containing as much as 64 mg. The proper strength of nicotine best for you should be based upon the throat pull that you seek while vaping, as well as the number of cigarettes that you smoke.

What’s Inside?

e liquid

Eliquids have a few ingredients inside that make them so great. This includes a base consisting of Propylene Glycol (PG,) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG,) or a combination of both. Those base ingredients are then contained with flavoring that create unique, flavorful, and delicious concoctions that people love.

VG or PG: Which is best?

This is a personal decision, but most people choose the PG version because it offers a stronger throat hit and a better flavor. On the downside, it is usually more expensive than VG. Most products made these days use a combination of the two products and create a more affordable and soothing product for e-cig users who want such an experience.