Rediscovering a True Classic: The Anne of Green Gables DVD Box Set

When you first sit down to watch Anne of Green Gables after a long absence it can bring up powerful emotions. The beloved classic film is now available as a complete series with incredible bonus features inside.

Growing Up with Anne

Anne is a fiery spirited red head who gains incredible life experiences. Her lessons teach her many useful things and give her a sense of what she values most. She struggles through a rocky first arrival on Prince Edward Island and is teased for her average looks. In spite of it all, Anne is tenacious and able to use her wit and charm to stay on the island. Anne has many adventures and makes some new friends. The romance that blossoms between her and a certain boy son becomes one the series most endearing plot lines. Anne grows to become frustrated with her youthful romances for a time and decides to become an adult.

Spectacular Scenery and Award Winning Performances

The series for Anne of Green Gables was shot on the spectacular Prince Edward Island, in Canada. The film is like a little orphan Annie story but with a different twist that sweeps audiences up and makes them want to never leave. The amount of people who have escaped to Avonlea for hours upon end is truly another reason to consider owning this fine achievement in period film making. Some great features of the Anne of Green Gables DVD Box set include gems like:

·    All four feature films in beautiful remastered quality

·    Original movie soundtrack compilation

·    All new hardcover book Souvenir 

Anne of Green Gables DVD Box set

·    Anne of Green Gables audio book

The Best is Yet to Come

That’s definitely not all of the amazing jewels you will find in this DVD box set. You will fall in love with the whole series all over again, and you’ll discover hidden things you never knew before!

Websites that Let You Watch Free Movies Online

The internet has always really expanded entertainment. It has given people a voice and allowed them to see everything that is going on around them. That being said, there are a lot of things that you are likely trying to look into when it comes to your entertainment needs. How much do you need to spend to make it a reality? What sorts of things are you trying to find? And can you actually watch free movies online without a lot of hassle?

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