Crib Safety

When you’re choosing a crib changing table combo for your baby room, be sure to review the latest safety standards to ensure that the crib will be safe for your baby. The safety standards for cribs change often so it would be best to avoid using cribs that are several years old. If the crib has slits, they should be no wider than a can of soda wide to ensure safety. And wider or narrower than that could potentially cause injury to your baby.

crib changing table combo

Once you already have your crib, you’ll need to buy the essentials to go with it. This includes bedding and sheets. All parents should own two sheet sets to start off with and build on that collection. The reason why you need to sets of sheets is because you want to layer the sheets with your mattress pads and spare pads. If you’re wondering why this is necessary, it’s to make clean up easier in the case that the baby wets itself while sleeping. By having the layers, only one layer will get dirtied and clean up will be a lot easier.

Once you have your crib changing table combo and crib sheets, you need to start looking for crib mattresses. When looking for a crib mattress, the size is a feature you have to pay a lot of attention to. Safety specialists all agree that the mattress should fit into the crib tightly and at most there should be an inch between the crib’s edges and the mattress’s edges. The mattress shouldn’t be soft, although you will be tempted to choose a soft one. A firm mattress is safer for babies since it will stay completely flat and not lose its shape. Cushy mattresses can cause babies to sink or roll.